What does 100% ISO certified essential oils mean?2017-04-09T00:30:13-06:00

ANSWER: There are a wide variety of essential oils marketed to consumers every year, and not all of them are 100% ISO certified aromatic oils. Occasionally companies will add fillers, compounds, and other chemicals to their oils, and since there are no regulatory standards for terms like “therapeutic grade” oils, companies can often misrepresent their product. ZEVA Essential Oils contain only 100% ISO certified essential oils with all the active phytochemicals drawn from plants, and we never use fillers, compounds, or chemical additives. It’s our guarantee that we only use the highest quality essential oil extracts that meet our standards for purity.

If I decide to become involved as a retailer, how can I learn more about the products and build my business selling ZEVA Essential Oils?2017-02-15T02:37:00-07:00

Essential oils have become a very important natural alternative for consumers throughout the world, but many consumers still need to be educated about the benefits that they can provide. ZEVA Essential Oils is dedicated to providing support for retailers to learn more about our product line as well as the many benefits that essential oils can offer. ZEVA’s founder, Dr. Tracy Gibbs, is a world-renowned expert in pharmacognosy, and offers his experience and expertise through lectures, books, and other resources, to those who want to sell the products.

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I have worked with other network marketing opportunities in the past and want to find a company that is committed to offering high quality products and exceptional customer service. How can I be sure you offer these things?2017-04-09T00:36:14-06:00

First, we are not an MLM company and don’t need those outrageous margins to pay a bunch of middleman distributors. Second, ZEVA was founded by Dr. Tracy Gibbs, a world-renowned pharmacognosist who has dedicated his life to the study of chemistry, hematology and botanical medicine with a goal of finding the right balance of natural products that will enhance consumers’ lives and offer profitable business opportunities to retailers. Dr. Gibbs and the executive team at ZEVA Essential Oils are a group of hard-working, honest business professionals committed to offering only 100% ISO certified essential oils, so consumers can trust the products to be the highest quality, and consultants can have confidence in the products they sell.

Are ZEVA Essential Oils organic?2017-04-20T18:14:58-06:00

The products that ZEVA Essential Oils offers are 100% ISO certified essential oils derived from plant sources, and manufactured to contain active phytochemicals from plants without fillers or chemicals. ZEVA only uses oils certified by the Medicinal Oil Association, and we source our plants from quality suppliers throughout the world. However, because of the differences in organic certification from country to country, and even from one state to another in the U.S., it is not possible to acquire raw materials that are all certified organic. We do check our plant supplies for chemical residues in the form of solvents, herbicides, pesticides, and extenders so we can offer products that are as pure as possible, often exceeding the standards for certified organic products.

Where do you grow the plants for your essential oils?2017-02-16T01:08:08-07:00

One of the keys to producing the highest quality essential oils is to have the highest quality growing conditions for the plants prior to extraction. For that reason, ZEVA focuses on sourcing our plants from indigenous regions where the growing conditions are ideal for the plants, rather than trying to force them to grow in a non-native, less hospitable environment. Our team works with suppliers from around the world to find the highest quality ingredients to go into every essential oil we produce.

How does ZEVA create essential oils that smell so much better than other essential oils out there that are also claiming to be for therapeutic purposes?2017-02-16T01:08:14-07:00

The aroma of an essential oil can be a good indication of its purity and quality. The more pure an essential oil, the more powerful the aroma will be, and the more it will be able to elicit the response that you desire without being overwhelming to the senses. The plants we use to extract our essential oils are grown in nutrient-rich soil with ideal conditions such as air quality and precipitation. They are also harvested at the peak of their quality to ensure a rich, aromatic essential oil. These methods guarantee that the fragrance and quality of our oils will exceed that of synthetic or diluted oils, even those that claim to be “natural” or “pure.” In addition, each oil used by ZEVA is tested using gas chromatography to insure it contains the active phytochemicals and to insure maximum potency.


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