Fractionated coconut oil begins as a solid coconut oil from the Cocos nucifera seed (common coconut) and then goes through a natural process of separating the triglycerides. The solid portion is further divided into specific saturated fats like lauric acid; the liquid portion is the pure triglyceride portion of the coconut oil. The fractionation process naturally deodorizes the oil. Our fractionated coconut oil is of the purest form direct from the Philippines. It stays liquid at room temperature, is clear, and is shelf stable for use in creams, lotions, and many other cosmetic preparations. Fractionated coconut oil is the most widely used carrier oil and it blends nicely with our ISO certified essential oils.

Common Uses:
Fractionated Coconut Oil quickly absorbs into the skin, making it perfect for topical therapies. Unlike other oils it will not clog the pores and it is great for dry or damaged skin. It works effectively to mix with essential oils, it is completely clear, and has no scent.

How to use as a carrier oil: Simply combine 5 drops of our ISO certified oils with one teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil

Shelf Life:
Fractionated Coconut Oil is extremely resistant to breaking down and does not go rancid like other carrier oils. The shelf life is indefinite with proper storage (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration is not needed.