///Spring Cleaning DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe Kit

Spring Cleaning DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe Kit

$ 171.00 $ 133.75

Glass Cleaner kit will include:

Your glass cleaner recipe card , 1 bottle of Clove EO, 1, bottle of Rose EO, and a 16 0z amber glass bottle.



In celebration of Spring  we are offering you an All Natural DIY glass cleaner recipe kit. Because Mother’s know best, including how to keep our environment safe from pesky dangerous chemicals.
With this all- natural glass cleaner solution, you can spray down your windows without using harsh chemicals. Not to mention the aroma is amazing!
The Investment in your all-natural cleaners oils is small in comparison to your overall savings. Time to get rid of plastic bottles and get excited about using this reusable 16 oz. amber glass bottle for all your DIY cleaning.
Tip: Use a large mason jar to make a big batch and refill your 16 oz amber bottle when needed.



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