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Pain may be a fact of life, but with MedEssentials PainFree formula it does not have to slow you down anymore. Wintergreen, Peppermint, Camphor, Blue Tansy, Clove Bud, Chamomile, Clary Sage and Cypress Essential Oils join together to soothe and relax stiff muscles and achy bones.
Uses: For Topical use apply 1-2 drops to concerned area directly or with a carrier oil.

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2 reviews for PAINFREE

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    This is really good stuff. I was skeptical, but wow! I had tendonitis in my left elbow after a trip and fall (thanks Ginger the dog!). My doctor just waved his hand and said “It’s tendonitis” like that was supposed to help. A friend had a vial of Pain Free and let me try it. Two drops on my elbow, rub it in and wait to see if anything happened. Within one minute, the pain I’d been living with for 4 months was gone! And it remained gone for three weeks, when it started creeping in again to about 20% of what it had been before. By then I had my own vial, and two more drops took care of it. That was over 8 weeks ago, and I’ve been pain free ever since.

    Experimentation has shown that this blended oil is effective for muscle and tendon issues, less so for bone and joint issues. If this was explained clearly in the web page’s “Details” I would have given 5 stars. It has been very effective for soft tissue pain, and somewhat effective for pain from dental work (applied externally to the skin over the cheek) and less so for chronic pain associated with lumbar disc issues. It is well worth getting a vial to find out how it will work on what pains you!

  2. John Marks (verified owner)

    I din’t think this would work for me.However I had right shoulder surgery on July 6th I was prescribed Oxycodone I was told to take 2 every four hours for the pain.I had 2 torn tendons, multiple spurs, and arthritis scraped out. I decided I would try me Pain Free I put about 60 drops in Fractionated coconut oil into a roller ball bottle I could not use my right arm for 4 weeks. I would roll it on my shoulder multiple times a day. I never used any of the Oxycodone after the first 5 pills. This Pain Free has helped me every day thought out my recoveryI would recommend this and has to many people.I will never run out of this.

    • Tracy Gibbs

      John, We are sorry to hear about your surgery and the pain you have been going through! We are happy you found relieve with ZEVA’s Pain Free! Oxycodone is a great pain reliever, but with many risks and side effects that come with it.

      Thank you for your review.

      -ZEVA Support Team

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