The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
Plants are humanity’s oldest medicines. Yet, in our modern world, many of these natural remedies have have been replaced with mass-marketed, chemically engineered, man-made drugs that come with many serious side effects. Recently, however, science has been rediscvering the numerous powerful benefits found in natural aromatic polants, especially in the voltile oils-or essential oils-they contain.
Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils can offer a safe and effective alternative to medication, without unpleasant side effects or dangerous drug interactions. This unique guide can help you discover how essential oils can benefit your health and well being naturally!
Inside of this 9th edition you will find:
  • Detailed descriptions of over 50 common essential oils, including 4 essential oils new to this edition.
  • More than 1000 references to published research studies supporting the therapeutic use of essential oils.
  • Recommended oils to use for hundreds of different health concerns organized in a simple, easy-to-use format.
  • Beautiful design with full-color images, charts, and illustrations.
  • New essential oil-inspired products and information.
  • Detailed information on chemistry, testing, extraction, research, and more!